Diocese Launches Church Planting Curacy

As the Diocese of the Carolinas continues to look to the future, we are excited to announce the Kardia Church Planting Curacy program to help raise up the next generation of church planters.

The church planting curacy program is designed to help prepare Anglican church planters to plant missional Anglican churches in the Diocese of the Carolinas. The curacy will provide practical training and mentorship within the context of a local Anglican church that has been approved by the Diocese.

Canon for church Planting Winfield Bevins says, “I am very excited about this important next step for our church planting strategy for the Carolinas. We believe that developing a robust curacy program is a critical next step to the mission and expansion of the Diocese of the Carolinas to identify, equip and send church planters to plant Anglican churches across the Carolinas and beyond.”

The curacy lasts between 12-36 months depending on the context and candidate’s experience and background. Normally during the final year of the curacy, curates called to church planting will develop a church planting strategic plan. At the conclusion of the curacy, the curate will be sent out to plant a church in partnership with the local church and Diocese. There are many strategic benefits for creating a curacy program for our diocese.

For the Curate

  • Practical experience in real ministry contexts.
  • On the ground training for church planting.
  • Experience working with/on a staff of clergy and ministry leaders.
For the Diocese
  • A pipeline of equipped, experienced new clergy.
  • A potential church planter with training and experience.
  • Foster a culture of churches planting churches.
For the Parish
  • Assistance in ministry
  • Opportunity to invest in young clergy.
  • A potential new church plant.

At the core of this model is a desire to equip curates to become effective Anglican church planters and to grow the Diocese through starting new churches. The Diocese will start accepting applications this fall and will select three curacies each year. All curacies applications will be approved by the Kardia team.

For more information contact Winfield Bevins Winfield.bevins@asburyseminary.edu.

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