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Going to college?

We want to help you make the most of it.

It can be a time of incredible joy and discovery, but it can also be a time of intense loneliness and pain.  Consider the following statistics:

  • There are around 20 million students studying in the United States (US Dept. of Education).  About one million of these are international students (Opendoors, 2018).

  • 60% of students raised in the church leave it during college (Barna).

  • The fastest growing religious group in the United States is the “nones” (Pew Research, 2017)

The task for a church then, as an emissary of Jesus Christ, is to be a stable presence; a place for loving, human connection; and a stronghold for spiritual formation during a tumultuous time.  The pastoral need cannot be overstated.  This is why churches in the Anglican Diocese of the Carolinas are working to reach students with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

"My local church has reminded me that just as they have been commissioned, I have been commissioned by the same Spirit to be a light and salt to the world, for my neighbors, and for the students and teachers I meet on campus."
Mitchell Johansson
University of South Carolina

Clemson University and area schools

Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church
Campus Minister: Justin Hare

University of South Carolina and area schools

Church of the Apostles
Campus Minister: Jonathan Furst

Ministry Partners

Coalition for Christian Outreach

The CCO calls students to serve Jesus Christ with their entire lives.
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