Thank you to Filmore and All Saints, Thank you David, Thad, Terrell, Thank you Maddy, Thank you Phillip Clark – Dio Chancellor, Thank you for your prayers for St. Andrew’s Church. We have seen God at work in all.

The Anglican Diocese of the Carolinas exists to equip clergy and congregations to fulfill the Great Commandments (Mk.12:29-31) and the Great Commission (Mt.28:19-20) by leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ through evangelism, personal discipleship, and the nurturing and planting of congregations.

We have an opportunity in ACNA – The average congregation in ACNA is less than 100. Our diocese has huge leadership development possibilities with the Simeon Fellowship led by Dean Chip Edgar and Ridley Institute led by Randy Forester.

In ACNA, Andrew Williams is being consecrated in New England today. Succeeding +Bill Murdoch. There will be a season of leadership transitions in ACNA as many current Bishops are nearing retirement.

Village Church

Today in our diocese we are admitting Village Church of Greenville, SC as a parish. Seth Cain+ and his wife Ashley have led well and we are thankful for them.

We welcome the new people that are apart of the diocese include Lucy Albert, Church of the Good Shepherd – Deacon, Kyle Holtzhower, St. Andrew’s – Priesthood, Caleb Burr, Holy Trinity Church – Priesthood, Phillip Wilson, St. Andrew’s – Priesthood, Dave Libbon, St. Andrew’s – Priesthood, Ben Snyder, Wilmore Anglican – Priesthood, Jordan Kologe, Church of the Good Shepherd – Priesthood, Jeremy Roseman, Resurrection Anglican – Transitional Diaconate, Chase Edgar, St. Paul’s Church – Transitional Diaconate. Those transferred into ADOC: Joel Pinson, King of Kings – Rector, Wright Wall, Holy Trinity Church – Clergy Associate for evangelism and equipping.

College Ministry

We now have connections to College Ministry in the Carolinas. Madison Perry is at the North Carolina Study Center at UNC and Justin Hare and Jonathan Furst are associated with the Coalition for Christian Outreach (CCO) @ Clemson University and University of South Carolina.

The ADOC Task Force on Women in Ministry 

I am excited to introduce ADOC Task Force on Women in Ministry. I have charged this committee with making recommendations for how the Diocese of the Carolinas can best fulfill the commitment made by the College of Bishops “to work earnestly toward a far greater release of the whole church to her God-given mission” – especially discipling and equipping “female [members], lay and ordained, to fulfill their callings and ministries in the work of God’s kingdom.”

The particular work of the Task Force is to identify the ways in which women, both lay and ordained, might exercise roles of service and leadership within the diocese, and in local churches, and make recommendations for how to support them in carrying out the priesthood of all believers.

Specifically, the Task Force will address the following questions:

·       What is the definition of ministry?

·       What roles have been assumed to be male-only?

·       What opportunities have not been open to women?

·       What can we do practically to fulfill the commitment made by the College of Bishops?

·       What can a church do to encourage women in ministry?

·       What pathways need to be in place for women to obtain credentials and training?

·       How best to recruit and mentor women for ministry in the church?

·       What materials need to be developed so that the recommendations of the Task Force can be implemented in a small, medium, and large church?

To do this work I propose the following men and women to serve on the Task Force:  The Rev. Lucy Albert, Executive Assistant, Good Shepherd Anglican Church, Davidson, NC, The Rev. Gary Ball, Rector, Redeemer, Asheville, NC, The Rev. John Hall, Senior Pastor, Christ the Redeemer, Clemson, SC, The Rev. Virginia Mussellmann, Deacon, Church of the Holy Cross, Raleigh NC, Mrs. Van Weston, former staff member Christ Church, Murrells Inlet, SC, The Rev. Joshua Yoder, Rector, Christ Church, Washington, NC.

Build Together Campaign

The Anglican Diocese of the Carolinas will begin a Build Together Campaign. Build Together is an annual diocesan campaign to help churches of the Diocese of the Carolinas that are making the critical transition into their initial permanent location/building.  One Sunday a year would be designated as “Build Together Sunday” and churches would share information (inserts, slides, videos) provided by the diocese with their congregations and receive designated gifts/pledges that Sunday. The Standing Committee of the Diocese would oversee the development of criteria, administration and distribution of these funds to churches who make appropriate an application and request. We are now stronger together in the Diocese of the Carolinas and this is a tangible and very strategic way we can advance the kingdom of God in the Carolinas.

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