All Saints Charlotte Dedicates New Building

all saints charlotte
by Nancy Bryan

GOD IS FAITHFUL, ALL THE TIME. ALL THE TIME, GOD IS FAITHFUL. All Saints Church, Charlotte, NC opened its doors to over 400, including many distinguished visitors in attendance. Archbishop Foley Beach, Archbishop Daniel Sarfo (Primate of West Africa), Archbishop Justice Akrofi, (retired Primate of West Africa), Bishop Daniel (Ghana), Bishop David Bryan (ADOC), many clergy from representative churches and faithful parishioners were present to consecrate the new sanctuary. The international representation was typical because on any given Sunday All Saints has people from five continents worshipping in their new sanctuary.

All Saints Rector, The Rev. Filmore Strunk said “I had times in the recent past where I didn’t think this day was going to come and I’m so delighted to be here.” He went on to say “You could say that we are here to dedicate a building … Or you can say that we’re here to celebrate a community…  and to an extent you’d be right, we’re celebrating a community – Celebrating the faithfulness of that community. And you could say we are celebrating a movement, The Anglican Church of North America, that out of the ashes of the previous entity, God has raised up a true church. All of these things are true but they are grounded in something bigger. A larger truth and it is this – GOD IS FAITHFUL, ALL THE TIME. ALL THE TIME, GOD IS FAITHFUL.”

All Saints Church has laid it’s foundation in Word and Sacrament. “The Word of God stands forever, and we are believing that nothing… church tradition, human reason, nothing can stand up to the Scriptures.” By God’s grace they raised 2.8 million dollars. And the founding Rector went on to say: “Today it is really not about what we celebrate, it is about WHO we celebrate. We celebrate God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. All knowing, all seeing, all compassionate, all powerful, the fountain of justice, the source of all truth, from everlasting to everlasting, perfect in love, perfect in grace, perfect in mercy, a friend of sinners, our savior, our healer, our redeemer, the Lion of Judah, the light of the world, the lamb of God, FAITHFUL, FAITHFUL, FAITHFUL!”

The people of All Saints will continue to affirm the Word of God, and serve the world through God’s grace and His joy in their new building and their community. For this we give thanks.

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