Seeking Ordination?

The Ordination Process

To those seeking ordination Scripture lists certain qualifications (1 Timothy 3.1-16 and Titus 1.5-9) that should be noticeably present in the life of the inquirer. Particularly, they should be sound in the faith.  They should have an ability to communicate the Gospel, teach and disciple others in the faith. Their lives should reflect holiness and discipline which brings honor to Christ and which causes them to be well thought of by those outside the Church. They should demonstrate wisdom and discretion.  There should be visible fruit of their faith as well as a public affirmation by their local congregation of their sense of call.

Important Ordination Documents

An overview of the credentialing process and some of the needed files can be found in the below:

ADOC Credentialing Guide

ADOC Ordination Application

Deacon & Priest DOTC Credentialing Checklist

Study Guide and Reading list for Deacon Exam

Parish Discernment Process

Example of Marital and Psychological Assessments by Counselor Pam Helland in Columbia, SC

Pay your Ordination Fee

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