For Those Seeking Ordination

The Ordination Process

To those seeking ordination Scripture lists certain qualifications (1 Timothy 3.1-16 and Titus 1.5-9) that should be noticeably present in the life of the inquirer. Particularly, they should be sound in the faith.  They should have an ability to communicate the Gospel, teach and disciple others in the faith. Their lives should reflect holiness and discipline which brings honor to Christ and which causes them to be well thought of by those outside the Church. They should demonstrate wisdom and discretion.  There should be visible fruit of their faith as well as a public affirmation by their local congregation of their sense of call.

Important Ordination Documents

An overview of the credentialing process can be found in the document below, along with the parish discernment process:

ADOC Credentialing Guide
ADOC Ordination Application
ADOC Credentialing Checklist
Parish Discernment Process

Reading List for those Seeking Ordination

Titles with an asterisk(*) are required reading. If not indicated, the titles link to

An Anglican Overview

*Diarmaid MacCulloch, Thomas Cranmer: A Life
Ashley Null, Thomas Cranmer’s Doctrine of Repentance: Renewing the Power to Love

Anglican Formularies

*The 39 Articles (web article)
*The Homilies (web article)
*1662 BCP Ordinal (Google book)

Historic Texts Addressing Anglican Identity

*Thomas Cranmer’s Answer to Stephen Gardiner (Google book)
*Nowell’s Cathechism (Google book)
*John Jewell, The Apology of the Church of England (Google book)
John Jewell’s Challenge Sermon (Google book)
Thomas Rogers on the 39 Articles (Google book)

Anglican Theology and Practice

J.C. Ryle, Knots Untied: Being Plain Statements on Disputed Points in Religion
W.H. Griffith Thomas, The Principles of Theology: An Introduction to the Thirty-Nine Articles
C. FitzSimons Allison,The Cruelty of Heresy: An Affirmation of Christian Orthodoxy
Michael Green, Baptism: Its Purpose, Practice, and Power
Oliver O’Donovan, Resurrection and Moral Order: An Outline for Evangelical Ethics
John Stott, Between Two Worlds: The Challenge of Preaching Today
Graeme Goldsworthy, The Goldsworthy Trilogy: (Gospel and Kingdom, Gospel and Wisdom, The Gospel in Revelation)