Diocese of the Carolinas Standing Committee

Bishops and Clergy Order

  • The Rt. Rev’d Stephen D. Wood,
    Diocesan Bishop
  • The Rt. Rev’d David C. Bryan,
    Bishop SuffraganClergy Order:
  • The Rev’d John Burley,
    St. Andrew’s Church, Mt. Pleasant, SC
  • The Rev’d Chip Edgar,
    Church of the Apostles, Columbia, SC
  • The Rev’d Seth Cain,
    Village Church, Greenville, SC
  • The Rev’d Rob Grafe,
    All Saints Church, Mt. Pleasant, SC
  • The Rev’d Filmore Strunk,
    All Saints Anglican Church, Charlotte, NC
  • The Rev’d Kyle Wallace,
    Church of the Good Shepherd, Davidson, NC

Lay Order:

  • Mr. Bud Harper,
    All Saints Church, Pawley’s Island, SC
  • Mr. Lawrence Moore,
    King of Kings, Charlotte, NC
  • Mr. Robert Pullen,
    Church of the Holy Cross, Raleigh, NC
  • Mr. Bill Streuber,
    St. Andrew’s Church, Goose Creek, SC
  • Mr. John Wood,
    Holy Trinity Church, Raleigh, NC
  • Mr. Tim Winkler,
    St. Andrew’s Church, Mt. Pleasant, SC

Diocese of the Carolinas Diocesan Teams

Intercessory Prayer Team

  • Dolores Cummings, Chair
  • Philip Clarke
  • Denise Harris
  • The Rev’d Canon Filmore Strunk

Church Planting Team

  • The Rt. Rev’d David C. Bryan,
    Suffragan Bishop of the Diocese
  • The Rev’d Canon Winfield Bevins,
    Director of Church Planting, Asbury Seminary
  • The Rev’d John Q. Hall,
    Christ the Redeemer, Clemson, SC

Constitution and Canons Committee Team

  • Philip Clarke, Esq.
  • William Nelson, Esq.
  • Tom Parrott, Esq.
  • The Rev’d Larry Shrum
  • John Wood